1500KG Auto Slide Sliding Gate Opener Automatic w 4m Rail


With its ultra-smooth yet ultra-powerful operation, the HUH-PE Sliding Gate Opener has the smart features you’re looking for — and all at an ultra-affordable price.

With a huge output power of 550W, this diecast aluminum alloy motor can power a gate weighing up to 1,500kg. Quality constructions includes an alloy baseplate and a 4m steel-reinforced nylon gear rack. This rack not only ensures silent operation, but it also ensures a long life for your opener.

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Several safety features are included for your peace of mind. There’s a stop and auto-reverse mode for obstructions, and the sensitivity of this mode is customisable. There’s a manual release for any power outages, overload protection, and an auto close function with an adjustable delay time. There’s even an auto warm-up feature at freezing temperatures to ensure you’re never “stuck out in the cold.” The opener will operate at temperatures approaching -40°C!

You’ll receive 2 remote controls with your purchase. Full hardware and easy-to-follow DIY instructions are also included.

For a smooth and silent sliding gate for home or business, we’ve got your answer. Purchase the HUH-PE Sliding Gate Opener today.


  • Powerful die-cast aluminium alloy motor
  • Soft, smooth and silent openings and closings
  • Alloy baseplate
  • Steel gear
  • 4m Rail – steel reinforced nylon gear rack
  • Stop and reverse mode in case of obstruction (customisable sensitivity)
  • Auto-close function is fully adjustable
  • Auto warm-up for low temperatures
  • Emergency release keys for manual operation in case of power failure
  • 2 x remote controls (433.92 Mhz); operation at up to 30m
  • 4-button operation: close, open, stop and pedestrian open
  • Electromagnetical limit switch
  • Full user manual and all installation hardware included
  • Gate is NOT included


  • Voltage: 240V AC
  • Output power: 550W
  • Current: 2 amps
  • Overload protection
  • Travel speed: 12m/min
  • Maximum weight of gate: 1500kg
  • Operating temperature: -40째C to +55째C
  • CE/EMC approval model
  • Carton dimensions and approximate weights:
  1. 37 x 35 cm x 27cm (14kg)
  2. 110 x 15 x 12cm (12kg)

* Model Code: HUH-PE

NOTE: Final assembly and adjustments will need to be carried out by a proficient professional before use.


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