15km Solar Power Electric Fence Energiser Charger


Ever worried about livestock and animals escaping your property? Ever wanted to keep those pesky animals away from neighbours or the wild? This Solar Electric Fence Energiser can accomplish it all.

Whether it is used on the farm or just around your suburban home, the Solar Fence Energiser will do its job perfectly. Incorporating a basic and simple to install design, you can have it set up in just a matter of minutes. Our range of Fence Energisers is compact, lightweight and versatile – making it an effective and low maintenance item around the property.

The units are designed solely to keep pets and livestock in or out of your property. Be it a few hundred metres or 8 km, our Fence Energiser can continuously keep your fence charged. If activated by an animal making contact with the fence, the unit will only generate a brief pulse to prevent harmful electric shocks as the voltage will drop from 8KV to 1.2KV (which is still enough to make the animals back off).

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Please ensure the operator does not have any heart problems as this item may cause further health issues.

Warning signs are included. Please ensure signs are clearly visible at and around the charged area.

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Discharge Energy: 0.8J

Protective functions – over charge protection & reverse battery protection

Output Voltage: 8kV (+ -1.5kV)

Fence Length: Up to 15km

Solar Panel Size: 140 x 160mm

Solar Panel Output: 3W

Charge Voltage: 7.5V to 9.5V DC

Battery: 6V 7Ah Lead Sealed

IP rating: IP3

Dimensions: 265 x 225 x 230mm

Weight: 3.54kg

C.E. Approved


1 x 15km Solar Power Electric Fence Energiser Charger

1 x Cable Set

4 x Warning Signs

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