Circuit Scribe Maker Kit


An introduction to more advanced concepts, the Maker Kit contains a pen, eleven modules, a 9V Battery and other accessories to take your circuit sketches to the next level. This kit allows you to explore all the concepts that the basic kit presents, while building your understanding of inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. Additional topics to explore include light sensing, timed circuits, piezoelectric materials, and more.

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Maker Kit Contains 11 Modules

9V Battery adapter with 9V battery

x2 Bi-LED

SPST Switch

NPN Transistor

2-Pin Adapter with 5x resistors (100, 1k, 10k, 100k and 1M ohm), 2x capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF), and one photoresistor (10k ohms)

Potentiometer – 10k ohms




Light Sensor

Additional Items: Conductive Ink Pen, Circuit Stencil, Jumper Sticker Sheet, Workbook and Steel sheet


1 x Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

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