Electric Lock for Swing Gate


Automatic gates come with many more benefits when compared to a static gate. As well as being much more modern, they come with all manner of practical advantages.

Having a gate that closes with the simple click of a button is greatly beneficial for those who may have mobility issues which prevent them from sliding or swinging a heavy gate. You don’t even have to leave your car – all you have to do is use your remote, and you’re in the safety of your home.

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The latter point also proves to be handy when it’s dark and cold during winter. If you feel unsafe or unwilling to leave your car to open the gate, an automatic one allows you to enter your driveway without leaving the comfort and safety of your car.

And to achieve all of this, your automatic gate will need an efficient electric lock!

This lock is suitable for use at home, the workplace, or anywhere where you want a boost in style, security, and practicality.

Features and specifications:

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Current: 1.5A
  • Control by gate opener system.
  • Unlock time: 1 second . Weight: 1.7KGS
  • Dimension: 32×7.5×12.5CM
  • Compatible with:
  1. HUH-ET
  2. HUH-FU
  3. HUH-LA
  4. HUH-MB
  5. HUH-DS
  6. HUH-CR


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